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A modern saloon featuring an extensive selection of expertly mixed classic drinks. Weslodge goes beyond diners’ expectations with an elegant but hearty menu, artfully authentic cocktails and a sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere featuring cutting-edge design within every element of its décor. Executive Chef Ben Heaton has developed a menu that is both rugged and refined, exploring North American fare with an international twist. Weslodge’s libations are as equally thought out as the food, created by a team of pure spirit mixologists led by Elan Marks. House made ingredients elevate classic cocktails to retain their original integrity, including in-house barrel-aged negroni, house made tonic and gin, and a manhattan made with Marks’ own tobacco tincture.

We want Weslodge to be a place where people come to relax and enjoy deliciously simple food and drinks.

– Hanif Harji

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Reservations are recommended. Please call us at 647-660-0999, email us
at [email protected] to request a reservation. We will get back to you as soon as